2019 Hosts Class A Bloomington, Class B & C Maple Lake -Delano-Dassel
Mpls Cobras 2019
2019 Minneapolis -Cobras Class A
Chanhassen 2019

2019 Chanhassen "Redbirds" Class B

As long as there have been town teams, they have been competing to see who was best. We’ve done our best to compile the list of champions from the various leagues to compete for a State title.
  Champions Runner-UP's ---------  
  Minneapolis "Cobras"-16 Minetonka 8 2019 A
  Chanhassen- 9 Dundas -2 2019 B
  JORDAN "Brewers" -4 Hutchinson 2 2019 C
  St Louis Park "Pirates" Lyons Pub 2018 A
  Chanhassen Miesville 2018 B
  Plato Sobieski 2018 C
  Minnetonka " Millers" St Louis Park 2017 A
  Miesville Mudhens Chanhassen 2017 B
  Kimball "Express" Lake Henry 2017 C
  Minnetonka " Millers"   2016 A
  Miesville Mudhens Moorhead 2016 B
  Raymond "Rockets" SOBIESKI-- "SKI'S" 2016 C
  Minnetonka " Millers" St Paul "Capitals" 2015 A
  Dundas "DUKES" Moorhead 2015 B
  PLATO Green Isle 2015 C
  St Paul Capitals Minnetonka Millers 2014 A
  COLD SPRING-Springers St Cloud- Beaudreaus 2014 B
  SOBIESKI-- "SKI'S" New Ulm "Brewers" 2014 C
  St Paul "Shamrocks" Minneapolis Cobras 2013 A
  Cold Spring Springers Shakopee 2013 B
  Sartell Muskies Belle Paine 2013 C
  Minnetonka Millers Mpls Angles 2012 A
  Victoria- Vic's Cold Spring 2012 B
  Maple Lake Fairmont 2012 C
  Stockmans- Irish -Minneapolis Lyons Pub 2011 A
  Sauk Rapids- Cyclones Burnsville 2011 B
  ISANTI Waconia 2011 C
  Minnetonka Millers St Paul Shamrocks 2010 A
  Shakopee Dundas 2010 B
  Midway Snurdbirds Moorhead 2010 C
  Minnetonka Millers Air Freight unlimited 2009 A
  Shokopee Prior lake 2009 B
  St Cloud Orthopedic Hanska 2009 C
  St Louis Park Green Mill 2008 A
  Mankato Dundas 2008 B
  ELKO Sauk Rapids 2008 C
  Minnetonka Millers Commanding Edge 2007 A
  Miesville Mudhens Austin 2007 B
  Plato Blue Jays Sauk Rapids 2007 C
  Minnetonka Wesley Homes 2006 A
  Rochester Mankato 2006 B
  Blue Earth Union Hill 2006 C
  Welsey Homes St Louis Park 2005 A
  Mankato Austin 2005 B
  Holdingford St Francis 2005 C
  Minnetonka Rosetown 2004 A
  Jordan Rochester 2004 B
  Blue Earth Wolf Lake 2004 C
  Minnetonka Stockmen’s Irish 2003 A
  Austin Dundas 2003 B
  Green Isle Hayfield-Austin 2003 C
  St Louis Park Air Freight 2002 A
  Austin Chaska 2002 B
  Granite Falls Lonsdale 2002 C
  Minnetonka Glynn Building 2001 A
  Cold Spring Austin 2001 B
  Watkins Buckman 2001 C
  Glynn Building Mpls. Cobras 2000 A
  Cold Spring Rochester 2000 B
  Brainerd Princeton 2000 C
  Minnetonka St Louis Park 1999 A
  Dundas Rochester 1999 B
  Buckman Green Isle 1999 C
  Minnetonka St Louis Park 1998 A
  Dundas Chaska 1998 B
  Glencoe Richmond 1998 C
  Minnetonka St Louis Park 1997 A
  Hamel Cold Spring 1997 B
  St Michael Regal 1997 C
  St Paul Highland Park Minnetonka 1996 A
  Cold Spring Dundas 1996 B
  Plato Gaylord 1996 C
  St Paul Rosetown Mpls. Adrian’s 1995 A
  Miesville Rochester 1995 B
  Sauk Rapids Glyndon 1995 C
  Mpls. Angels Minnetonka 1994 A
  Jordan Cold Spring 1994 B
  Belle Plaine Milroy 1994 C
  St Paul Highland Park Mpls. Angels 1993 A
  Red Wing Miesville 1993 B
  Granite Falls Dassel-Cokato 1993 C
  Mpls. Angels St Louis Park 1992 A
  Miesville Hamel 1992 B
  Sartell Detroit Lakes 1992 C
  Mpls. Angels St Paul East Side 1991 A
  Rochester Miesville 1991 B
  Regal Belle Plaine 1991 C
  St Paul Conquest Rooster Columbia Heights 1990 A
  Red Wing Jordan 1990 B
  Bovey Hampton 1990 C
  Columbia Heights Bloomington 1989 A
  Miesville Hamel 1989 B
  Morris St James 1989 C
  Mpls. J. Botten St Paul Highland 1988 A
  Dundas Jordan 1988 B
  Delano Maple Plain 1988 C
  Bloomington Columbia Heights 1987 A
  Hamel St Cloud 1987 B
  Chaska Sartell 1987 C
  Columbia Heights St Paul Steichens 1986 A
  Cold Spring Red Wing 1986 B
  Mpls. Halek’s St Paul Steichens 1985 A
  Arlington Red Wing 1985 AA
  St Paul Frontier Bar St Paul Red Rooster 1984 A
  Arlington Burnsville 1984 AA
  St Paul Steichens Mpls. Lakonia’s 1983 A
  St Cloud Red Wing 1983 AA
  Brooklyn Center West St Paul 1982 A
  Dundas Jordan 1982 B
  Winona Mpls. Lakonias 1981 A
  Cold Spring Dundas 1981 B
  Richfield West St Paul 1980 A
  New Ulm Dundas 1980 B
  West St Paul Minnetonka 1979 A
  Arlington Granite Falls 1979 B
  Columbia Heights St Cloud Park 1978 A
  Miesville Chaska 1978 B
  Mpls. Mr. Roberts St Paul Tripp Oil 1977 A
  Bemidji St Augusta 1977 B
  Prior Lake Dassel-Cokato 1976 B
  Prior Lake Dundas 1975 B
  Red Wing West St Paul 1974 B
  Cold Spring Dassel-Cokato 1973 B
  Columbia Heights Gaylord 1972 B
  Chaska Delano 1971 B
  Columbia Heights St Paul E.S. Merc. 1970 A
  Deer Creek Cold Spring 1970 B
  St Paul Sport Spec. Columbia Heights 1969 A
  Arlington Prior Lake 1969 B
  Columbia Heights St Paul E.S. Merc. 1968 A
  Dassel-Cokato Miesville 1968 B
  Columbia Heights St Paul Joh. White 1967 A
  Arlington Perham 1967 B
  Winona St Paul Joh. White 1966 A
  Perham Brownton 1966 B
  Bloomington Rochester 1965 A
  St Bonifacius Rogers 1965 B
  St Paul Como Rec Mpls. A&B Sports 1964 A
  St Bonifacius Caledonia 1964 B
  Mpls. A&B Sports Bloomington 1963 A
  Braham Pipestone 1963 B
  St Paul Ganzers St Paul Park 1962 A
  Little Falls Gaylord 1962 B
  Mpls. T.C. Federal St Paul E.S. Merc. 1961 A
  St Bonifacius Perham 1961 B
  Bloomington St Paul Como Rec 1960 A
  Pipestone Fergus Falls 1960 B
  Fairmont Bloomington 1959 A
  Shakopee Springfield 1959 B
  Austin Little Falls 1958 A
  Pipestone Norwood 1958 B
  Waseca St Paul Briteways 1957 A
  Braham Norwood 1957 B
  Mpls. Teamsters Little Falls 1956 A
  Bemidji St Charles 1956 B
  St Peter Hutchinson 1955 A
  Cold Spring Granite Falls 1955 B
  Benson Little Falls 1954 A
  Milroy St Joseph 1954 B
  Austin Litchfield 1953 AA
  Delavan Little Falls 1953 A
  Rollingstone Holdingford 1953 B
  Willmar Albert Lea 1952 AA
  Cannon Falls Belle Plaine 1952 A
  Soderville Pine City 1952 B
  Litchfield Austin 1951 AA
  Watertown Le Center 1951 A
  Soderville Searles 1951 B
  Fergus Falls Austin 1950 AA
  Le Center Winsted 1950 A
  Lester Prairie Duluth Teve’s 1950 B
  Austin Fergus Falls 1949 AA
  Excelsior Winnebago 1949 A
  Little Falls La Crescent 1949 B
  Albert Lea Mpls. Bananas 1948 AA
  Winsted Belle Plaine 1948 A
  Albert Lea New Ulm 1947 AA
  Chaska Rochester 1947 A
  Albert Lea Mpls. Banana’s 1946 AA
  Springfield Austin 1946 A
  Albert Lea Mpls. Honeywell 1945 AA
  Excelsior Mayer 1945 A
  Alberta Lea St Paul Nickel Joint 1944 AA
  Springfield Monticello 1944 A
  Mpls. Mitby Sathers Albert Lea 1943 AA
  New Ulm Nowthen 1943 A
  Austin Mpls. Mitby Sathers 1942 AA
  Fairfax Delano 1942 A
  Owatonna St Paul Robt. Rec. 1941 AA
  New Ulm Delano 1941 A
  Albert Lea No. St Paul 1940 AA
  Shakopee Fergus Falls 1940 A
  St Paul T.H. Shoe Mpls. Local 544 1939 AA
  Maple Lake Fergus Falls 1939 A
  St Paul N. St. Env. St Paul Park 1938 AA
  Owatonna Cloquet 1938 A
  Mpls. Heinies St Paul J.J. Kohn 1937 AA
  Austin Sturgeon Lake 1937 A
  St Paul Comm. Row Maple Lake 1936 AA
  Windom Darwin 1936 A
  St Paul J.J. Kohn No. St Paul 1935 AA
  Red Wing Owatonna 1935 A
  Mpls. Jerseys St Paul Park 1934 AA
  Willmar Lakeville 1934 A
  St Paul E.M.B.A. St Paul Armour’s 1933 AA
  St Peter Owatonna 1933 A
  Harmony New Richland 1933 B
  St Paul Milk Drivers Mpls. E. Henn. Mer. 1932 A
  Chaska Virginia 1932 B
  Brooten Carlton 1932 C
  St Paul Bohn Ref. Faribault 1931 A
  Maple Lake Sebeka 1931 B
  Madelia Lake City 1931 C
  Fairmont St Paul North Pac. 1930 A
  So. St Paul Le Sueur 1930 B
  Albert Lea Springfield 1929
  Mankato Springfield 1928
  Mora St James 1927
  St Paul Armour’s Ely 1926
  White Bear Lake Pine Lake 1925
  St Paul Armour’s Stillwater 1924