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2021 AWARD

Herb Schaper

New Ulm


Aug 7, 2019


Herb Schaper------New Ulm

Herb’s love of baseball began as a young boy in the 1940’s chasing foul balls and hawking ice cream bars at New Ulm’s historic Johnson Park.  While not particularly talented on the ball diamond, he found other ways during his lifetime to be involved and greatly impact Minnesota amateur baseball and the New Ulm community.

As a high school senior in 1949, Herb began a sports journalism career that would evolve into a profession as a newspaper editor, publisher and eventual owner of Master Graphics which he sold to Glen Taylor upon retirement.

Herb was responsible for the promotion of two of the most successful state amateur baseball tournaments which were hosted by New Ulm in 1953 and 1958.  During those years, he spearheaded the collection and organization of state amateur baseball records and biographies.  When the MBA Hall of Fame began seeking a permanent home, Herb made a concerted effort to bring it to New Ulm. Although unsuccessful, he continued to contribute to their efforts for many years as a statistician and biographer.

Herb served as President and board member of the New Ulm Baseball Association, Great West League, River Valley League, and was President of the Great Western Minny Sportswriters/Broadcasters Organization.  He also served as a strategic planning coordinator for the National Small College Athletic Association.

Locally, Herb was instrumental in founding the New Ulm Baseball Hall of Fame and the New Ulm Club which honors local high school athletes every year.  He also held board and leadership positions in the Brown County Agricultural Society, Brown County 4-H, Chamber of Commerce, New Ulm Medical Center, New Ulm Area Foundation, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School.

Herb was recognized as a veteran with the Minnesota National Guard Public Service Medal.

Herb’s family will argue that he never quite retired because he recreated his business office in an outbuilding at his home, referring to it as the “Tree House.”  From there, he entered the digital age establishing the New Ulm Sports Central website in which he catalogued 81 years of amateur sports statistics, photographs, newspaper clippings and other memorabilia. Herb passed away on August 7, 2019 at the age of 87.

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